RAVPower RP-UM003 Portable SSD 1TB


  • [ RAVPower ] Mini External SSD Pro Hard Drive 1TB
    – ល្បឿនកប់ណាស់ 540MB/s ប្រេី USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 ផ្ទេរឯកសារកាន់តែរហ័ស / Movies / Picture កាន់តែងាយស្រួល ។
    • ប្រេីបានគ្រប់ Devices ដែលប្រេី USB-C ដូចជា iPad Pro / MacBook Pro ជាដេីម
    – RAVPower New Product https://bit.ly/3fL73HW
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  • Unmatched Performance: Cutting-edge reading/writing speeds up to 540MB/s, 5x faster than a conventional HDD, plays high-end gaming or 4K videos in seconds, no more waiting around
  • Crafted to Perfection: As the most popular SSD for young adults, RAVPower SSD is crafted with zinc-aluminum alloy casing with piano-baked finish that’s delicate & comfortable touch and elegant simplistic design
  • Worry-Free Data Security: ATA lock technology and AES 256 bit hardware encryption guarantees nobody but you, with the correct password, can read or write data to the SSD, keeps all your personal and private data away from unauthorized users
  • Fully Compatible: Comes with USB C to C and USB C to A cables to seamlessly work with Windows PC (Windows 7 or higher), MAC (MAC OS 10.12 or higher), Android smartphones or tablets with USB C port, iPad Pro, Xbox and PS4
  • Professional Memory Hardware: Supported by the built-in NAND Flash & USB 3.1 Gen 2 interface, together with Silicon Motion SM2258XT controller & JMS580 chipset for 10Gbps rate

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