Tronsmart R1 Foldable Muti-angle Universal Cradle

9 $

Product Specs:

Availability: 100


  • 【Fully Foldable】With a fully foldable design, the R1 will save you plenty of space and is designed to be portable and easy to use.
  • 【Multi-angle】There are endless adjustable angles for you to comfortably fit to your device. Easier to use, more flexible, and multiple options gives every user the power to customize their experience.
  • 【Strong Support】The low center of gravity design will ensure that your equipment is safe and stable, whether it is simply seated in your charger or set up to use with video chat.
  • 【Protective Padding】In order to avoid scratches and sliding during the use of the equipment, a protective padding has been placed on the back of the stand for safety and ease of movement.
  • 【Universal Stand】Compatible with most smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Your R1 can even be used with the current Apple MacBooks as well as the new Nintendo Switch. Perfectly suited to a supporting role in your office, kitchen, nightstand or while on the go.